CDFA/ Vogue fashion fund winner, creative director and founder of Brothersvellies.

Aurora James is a New York based model/ creative director who founded Brothervellies in 2013. The brand consists of traditional African footwear hand made in South Africa, Kenya & Morocco. The artisans are local African men and women who handcraft African inspired shoes and sandals made from pure leather, recycled denim and tyres.

 Aurora James & Brothervellies are inspired by the traditional handwoven techniques and natural materials from Africa. They strive to make a difference by employing local artisans who receive both wages and skill training with efforts to help create a sustainable jobs within Africa.

Brothervellies has been recognized by magazines from Elle to Vogue and has caught the attention of celebrities such as Beyoncé & Kanye West and taken NYFW by storm for Spring 2016.

I personally love Auroras vision of seeing traditional African wear as something of the future, creating a spotlight on the influences of  Africa, culturally and the skills wise. Showing that we do have the potential to feature in a much bigger industry.

Published by Tatum Russell

I am a young creative who was born and raised in Cape Town but moved to Pretoria to finish my high schooling career. From a young age I always enjoyed dancing, singing, acting, modeling and doing art, and always loved being creative and expressing myself. As I got older the hormones and insecurities started kicking in and i stopped doing the things I loved most. Now as a young adult with my teenage years behind me and a first year fashion student I have created this blog as a platform to showcase and express my thoughts, opinions and love for all things creative, from fashion, photography, literature and empowering campaigns from the perception of both a young adult and fashion lover.

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