Aphiwe Mkefe takes the Lead

Photographed and written by Tatum Russell With back to back leading roles, awards and collaborating with next- generation film makers, learned screen writer and director Aphiwe Mkefe will definitely be ushering in a new age in South African film making. New comer on the scene, Aphiwe grabbed the attention of many with his first leadingContinue reading “Aphiwe Mkefe takes the Lead”


CDFA/ Vogue fashion fund winner, creative director and founder of Brothersvellies. Aurora James is a New York based model/ creative director who founded Brothervellies in 2013. The brand consists of traditional African footwear hand made in South Africa, Kenya & Morocco. The artisans are local African men and women who handcraft African inspired shoes and sandals made from pure leather, recycled denim and tyres.  Aurora James &Continue reading “Brothervellies”

The Missi Experience

It was not so long ago when I first stepped foot inside the “jewel box”. Walls coloured in pink, orange and turquoise, a fun palm tree printed carpet, plants and paintings and a display of beautiful handbags and accessories. Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters playing in the background with the beautiful colours andContinue reading “The Missi Experience”